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and then meeting the people, you become part of the party rather than just part of the economy. this is a realistic goal for any good traveler. eins, zwei, drei. [ chuckles ] take a moment to appreciate the alpine cheese. so older is better? oh, yes. i don't know. oh, yes, i always take the older. for me, it's a younger one. steves: once you're off the tourist track, make a point to connect with the living culture. pitch in, even if that means getting dirty. here, farmer peter's making hay while the sun shines. whether in a big city or a small village, your major expense each day is renting a bed. and you have lots of options. we'll review them from cheapest to most expensive. in rural settings, like here in gimmelwald, i like simple, less expensive accommodations. gimmelwald has a pension, a bed-and-breakfast, and a hostel. europe has thousands of hostels -- like gimmelwald's mountain hostel -- offering cheap dorm beds. while not for everybody, the price is certainly right. rather than privacy and your own bathroom, you'll enjoy a convivial camaraderie,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1